A Guide To Oxygen Therapy

Have you noticed that we bounce back from fatigue or heal from a wound quicker while we are younger?

This is because OUR CELLS ARE LESS RECEPTIVE TO OXYGEN as we age! The natural levels of oxygen found in our cells decline as we age! A loss of oxygen can leave our skin dull and lifeless, yet up to half of the oxygen content in the skin is loss by the mid 20s.

This consequently slows down the biological processes of our cells so not only do we heal slower, this decline in Oxygen will lead to a lower cell reproduction/regeneration rate. In a skin sense, this causes our skin to lose it’s firmness youthfulness, and wrinkles uneven skin tones tend to appear!

Put simply, healthy Cell Biology does not function without Oxygen! (Click button: Check out some real examples of what oxygen does to our skin!)

It is and always will be the God given fuel of cellular processing since the dawn of time.​ In case you’re wondering why our skin needs more oxygen than from the air around us, it is because our air is compromised with pollution. Plus, we put our bodies through a lot: stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet choices are all negatively affecting the way our skin looks.

Not only does encapsulating Pure Oxygen enhance the absorption rate and delivery mechanism of active ingredients, here are just some of the positive health benefits of Pure Oxygen alone based on research:

Anaerobic bacteria & bactericidal effect

Capable to kill anaerobic bacteria and acne bacteria even deep in the dermis to achieve accelerated wound healing

Pure Oxygen Therapy Benefit 2
Pure Oxygen Therapy Benefit 1

Stimulates collagen production& help maintain the elasticity of the skin, and assists in wound healing


Melanin Pigmentation Improvement Effect

Revitalizes dark and dull skin, brightens dark spots and pigmentation by decreasing melanin production

Vessel Shrinkage Effect

Oxygen scaling and infusion helps to shrink blood vessels and to soothe red and sensitive skin. (vasoconstriction)

Epidermis Temperature Down

Oxygen scaling removes clogged impurities before the treatment and reduces temperature of the epidermis by 3°to 5°, reducing the risk of burns

Activate Brain Cells

Not only does the hyperbaric mask enhance the effects of the infusion. Deep abdominal breathing during this stage has also shown to stimulate brain activity.

Comparison of treatment after CO2 laser treatment

 Less dead skin cells

Relieves pain

 Less discomfort

  Wound healing process can be observed

 Patients’ favorite post-treatment program

 Recover is 40% faster when you supply adequate oxygen and nutrients to avoid crusting and scarring

Parameter O2/nutritional mist Polyurethane foam dressing Mean difference P Paired t-test
Acne 0.06 0.06 0.00 1.00
Crusting 1.04 1.83 -0.80 0.04
Erythema 2.31 2.30 0.02 0.92
Scarring 0.11 0.15 -0.04 0.53


출처 논문 : Gregg Menaker, MD, University of California, Department of  Dermatologic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, VA Medical Center

Without Oxygen Mist Protocol

With Oxygen Mist Protocol

Without Polyurethane Foam

With Polyurethane Foam

Why do Dermatologists and Surgeons all around the world trust in the healing powers of our Oxygen treatment wholeheartedly? Because we dedicate two factories backed by a passionate team of chemists, scientists, and engineers who work tirelessly to bring out the best in aesthetics!