Oxygen Enriched Home-Care to enhance Treatment Results

-OC Skin Pack for sensitive skin
-Skin moisture level increased from 30% to 60% instantly
-Skin sensitivity & redness visibly reduced

-Acell300 + Moisture Aqua Serum
hydrating combo for dry skin
-Moisture test results from 47.2% to 80.8%!

Oxygen Ceuticals Acne regime

OC Anti-Aging

OC Whitening

OC Acene Treatment

Progress Photo

OC (Skin Tightening & Firming)

Skin Regeneration Studies

2mm micro needling with no post care

1 oxygen
post care

day 2, 2 session of oxygen post care

Micro needling 0.25 + TCA 40%
12 days study (4 session oxygen post care)

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