What is Coiz Oxygen Complex?


The most advanced gas delivery mechanism that regulates a well-balanced stimulation between the powerful effects of Oxygen and Soothing botanical extracts such as Licorice Root, Rice Bran Extracts, Lotus Flower, and Crown Daisy Extracts.

As Oxygen will stimulate your cells very strongly, it is recommended for first time Oxygen therapy users to begin with a full Oxygen Ceuticals facial in order to achieve a well-balanced stimulation and soothing treatment to prep your skin towards Oxygen sensitivity.

Proudly introduces the most efficient Oxygen carrier
developed by Korean Medical Aesthetic Science:

A single Ceutisome is able to deliver up to 5% – 20% of Pure Oxygen to our skin and enhances the penetration power of active ingredients (such as Botanical Extracts, Collagen, Peptides, and Stem Cells) up to 7 hours.

  • A Ceutisome is an efficient gas carrier
  • A Ceutisome functions similarly to our red blood cells (hemoglobin) based on a gas diffusion principle
  • Once in contact with the skin, nanosome particle sized ceutisomes will immediately begin to penetrate and release the liquid oxygen molecules stored inside
  • This causes a difference in pressure, which enables the Ceutisome to reabsorb other harmful pollutants found within the skin (e.g., Carbon dioxide, Free radicals)
  • The waste product is then carried away by the Ceutisome through natural blood circulation, and finally expelled via the lungs through respiratory breathing

What makes it different?

Ceutisomes work similarly to our natural red blood cells by delivering Pure Oxygen to the skin while simultaneously banishing harmful CO2 agents. This process enhances the receptive potential of our cells towards other active ingredients such as Collagen, Stem Cells, and Peptides.

Due to the powerful stimulation of Oxygen, our scientists have carefully selected four exclusive botanical extracts that come equipped with soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities to balance and protect your skin and ensure optimum cellular processing and long lasting results.

Benefit of Coiz Oxygen