The Oxygen Ceuticals Treatment

You’ve probably had an oxygen facial before, or at least heard about them since they’ve been around in various aesthetic practices. While the basic mechanism of the treatment remains the same, “a pressurised stream of Oxygen delivering active ingredients to the skin”, the quality of all ingredients in our treatment are continuously upgraded through extensive R&D to top notch Nanosome ingredients!

Treatment Procedure

Step 1: Gentle Cleansing

As Oxygen will dynamically stimulate your skin cells and might cause dryness due to the intensified biological processes, the treatment begins with a delicate cleansing procedure using ingredients that are engineered to soothe and hydrate skin cells from the get go. Even our cleansers are infused with Natural Oils and Hyaluronic Acid to help retain moisture, while we let Pure Oxygen perform it’s miracles.

Step 2: Oxygen Scaling (Patented)

Now that the outer layer of your skin has been stimulated with Oxygen enriched ingredients, we follow up with a thorough deep pore cleansing technique developed to stimulate lymphatic drainage, sterilise and minimise pores, and prevent future problems. During the process, we infuse a high pressured stream of liquid oxygen infused with sea minerals deep into the dermis layer of the skin, not only does this increase oxygen sensitivity, the scaling process also reduces the temperature of the skin up to 3 to 5 degrees to reduce possible bruising, burns, and scarring from other procedures such as extractions, lasers, and chemical peeling.

Step 3: Skin Treatment (Adaptable)

The Oxygen Ceuticals treatment produces three highly visible results as a standalone medical facial (Whitening & Brightening, Firming & Hydration, and Anti-Aging), but what truly sets it apart is the fact that our treatment is highly compliant with many medical aesthetic procedures in the market such as lasers, RF, chemical peel, or even plastic surgery. The Oxygen Ceuticals medical facial reduces downtime by up to 40% and has been proven to enhance the overall laser treatment results!

Step 4: Oxygen Formula Infusion (Deep Cellular Regeneration & Wound Healing)

True to traditional Oxygen Therapy, our facial adopts the time and tested Oxygen Infusion – “a light pressurised stream of oxygen delivering active ingredients deep into the skin” to stimulate cellular regeneration from within, using the best Nanosome quality ingredients (Botanics, Collagen, Peptides, & Stem Cells) that Korean Medical Aesthetic Science has to offer. Experience long lasting firming, whitening, and hydration!

Step 5 : Oxygen Mask (Outer Skin Soothing)

After the healing process has been stimulated from within, we proceed to soothe and fortify the epidermis (outer) layer of the skin using a dual layered mask designed to further rehydrate, reduce redness, and eliminate bruising. A Hyperbaric Oxygen Mask is employed after more severe procedures to further invigorate the ingredients found within our products to enhance the soothing and regenerative qualities

Step 6: Finishing & Coating

Now that your skin has been pumped full of Oxygenated goodness, your cellular processes are stimulated on overdrive! It is very important for new Oxygen practitioners to continuously rehydrate your skin for long lasting treatment results! Equip yourself with the best Oxygen infused Moisturisers, BB Cream, and Sunblock endorsed by the Korean Food and Drug Association (KFDA) and Korean Cosmetic Association (KCA) to ensure long lasting results.